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Paying tribute to the football legend, Marseille boss Villas-Boas said retiring the shirt would be the best way to honour him. Tributes flooded in following the news of Maradona’s death with Man City boss Pep Guardiola joining Lionel Messi in paying respect to the Argentine. The earlier viewing of Maradona’s coffin at the Argentine presidential mansion was halted shortly before 6pm, 12 hours after it started, at the request of the footballer’s family. But with the time for viewing the coffin at the presidential palace drawing short, police moved to cut off the back end of the crowd, enraging fans who hurled rocks and other objects at officers, who responded with rubber bullets. Thousands of fans packed the streets around the presidential palace where Maradona lay in state on Thursday. It comes after passions boiled over outside the palace when a mile-long column of fans arrived to pay their respects to the Argentinian hero but were blocked off by riot police. Due to the sheer numbers many were unable to throw their football jerseys and flowers by Maradona’s coffin and so they scrapped ferociously with heavily-armoured police as if attending a football derby. Hundreds of fans blocked entry to the cemetery before the arrival of Maradona’s casket, dancing and chanting as police moved in to open a way.

Thousands more lined the highways in the afternoon to catch a glimpse of his hearse as it rolled past surrounded by police vehicles. Diego Maradona has been laid to rest after thousands of fans lined the streets of Buenos Aires to pay their respects as his coffin was driven to the cemetery on Thursday. He wrote in a menacing message alongside his tweet: ‘This is Diego Molina, the author of the photo taken beside Maradona’s coffin. The crowd overwhelmed organisers and the violence resulted in injuries and arrests, which led Maradona’s family to end the public visitation. The first to bid farewell were his daughters and close family members. The Wallabies beat South Africa 23-18 last Saturday for their first win of the tournament. Francis decided to skip Argentina on his South American pilgrimage, not wanting to get involved in the country’s upcoming presidential election. You’ll also need a MetaMask account to get going. Mo’unga kicked a penalty to put them 10-0 as Argentina struggled to get their hands on the ball. He was someone who touched the sky with his hands but never took his feet off the ground,’ the president said.

But amidst the grief, there has been fury at a funeral worker who desecrated Maradona’s body by posing for a photograph with a hand over the sporting great’s face while giving a thumbs up to the camera. A new photograph has emerged of Molina standing up in a van leaving the morgue in Buenos Aires following an autopsy ahead of Maradona’s body being transported to his state funeral. Molina was one of the men tasked with preparing Maradona’s body ahead of the private open-coffin wake for family and friends earlier today. The body of the Argentine icon was taken away for burial, frustrating many who were waiting to pay their respects and causing new tensions at the gates of the cemetery. Diego is not dead, Diego lives in the people,’ people chanted as the coffin was taken to a cemetery outside Buenos Aires. Diego is the people. Fans wept and blew kisses as they passed the wooden coffin, some striking their chests with closed fists and shouting, ‘Let’s go, Diego. Maradona passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home, just two weeks after undergoing surgery for a blood clot on his brain.

Maradona died of a heart attack aged 60 on Wednesday just two weeks after being discharged from hospital for a bleed on his brain. Maradona also scored one of the greatest solo goals ever a few minutes later. Guardiola described him as one of the ‘few incredible players’ in football history. There was a banner in Argentina which says, “It doesn’t matter what you have done in your life, it matters what you have done in our lives.” Imagine what Maradona would have done in our generation (of football). Funeral parlour worker Diego Molina (left) has received death threats from football fans after posing for a picture next to the open coffin of Diego Maradona. The forward posted two pictures of himself with legendary former player alongside the message: ‘A very sad day for all Argentines and for football. Then came former teammates of the 1986 World Cup-winning squad, including Oscar Ruggeri. Then again wouldn’t a lot of Argentinians be only one of two generations removed from the fatherland. Jordan, in only his second Test, grabbed the all-important third try with 13 minutes left after picking up a wayward ball, then got another when he intercepted a pass and darted down the wing.

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